Get to Know Mr. Carvajal-Beck!

Kaelyn D. and Angela L., Writers/reporters

Mr. Carvajal-Beck is the band director here at Imperial Middle school. When he was in high school his own band director inspired him to become one himself. Mr. Carvajal-Beck recently earned a Masters in Educational Leadership degree from Grand Canyon University.

    The main instrument Mr. Carvajal-Beck plays is the clarinet/bass clarinet. However, he is also able to play the trumpet, flute, saxophone, trombone, baritone and percussion. He started teaching in 2018 after receiving a B.M. In Music Education from Biola University. One thing Mr. Carvajal is thrilled when seeing his students being dedicated to their work in music. Some of the concerts that Mr. Carvajal-Beck will be attending are the Fall, Holiday, and Spring showcases, along with Disneyland trips, Angel’s and La Habra games with his concert band. Mr. Carvajal likes many music genres, two of them being pop and indie. He also enjoys watching musicals. One of his favorite songs is Treat People with Kindness by Harry Styles. Mr. Carvajal-Beck got three grants this year. He got $3,000, $8,000, and $31,000 and he is going to use them to fund the band program (buy new instruments, stands, etc). Mr. Carvajal-Beck is looking forward to the 2022-2023 school year at Imperial Middle School.