Mrs. Mortl is Imperial’s International Baccalaureate coordinator. She is responsible for helping  teachers create units to help all students to become critical thinkers, be international minded and lifelong learners. This is accomplished by teaching students specific skills that are assessed with the IB rubrics and reflections and by connecting student content with real life issues. All units have key and related concepts to help deepen the understanding and transfer the learning to other aspects of daily life. A global context is used to help students see why learning the content information is useful in local and global communities.
Whenever possible, students need to take their learning to a higher level. Students have the opportunity to complete a community service activity to make their world a better place. Teachers will direct students on how to follow through with their ideas.
If there are any questions or a need for some community service guidance, please go by Mrs. Mortl’s office in room 303 during break to discuss your goals.
Keep practicing the IB learner profiles!