New Cell Phone, Earbuds and Headphone Policy


A headphone, earbuds and cellphone policy has been implemented January 17, 2023. Students have been asked to adhere to these policies to create a quality learning environment. These policies are to address some disruptions created by these items such as: use of phones during class, using phones to record or take pictures during school time, damage or loss of phones.
The new policy is that phones can only be used as students are leaving campus at the end of the day. School phones need to be turned off and brought to school only with the understanding that loss, theft or breakage is the student’s responsibility. Earbuds and headphones may not be used without express permission from the teacher.
Consequences are as follows:
1st offense- Warning and reminder
2nd offense- Phone taken, but returned to student in office at the end of the day
3rd offense- Phone taken and returned to parent/guardian at the end of the day
4th offense- Phone taken, a parent conference with a phone contract. The phone will be checked into the office at the beginning of the school day.